US Creative Work of the Week: Shark vacuum spot shows off muscle and versatility

It seems as though people are enamored with the power and versatility of a vacuum, as Shark’s IonFlex spot by Madras Brand Solutions garnered the most votes by our readers to make it the US Creative Work of the Week.

The 30-second spot for vacuum maker Shark uses muscle car-style imagery and close-up shots of the lightweight, cordless model sucking up even the toughest and heftiest dirt, candy and aquarium rocks, while being able to bend under couches and across floors.

Shark, known perhaps more for its infomercials, went for a tougher tone than the usual vacuum ads, and Madras enlisted production company the Marmalade, which used a robotic arm-held Spike camera for intense close-ups on the mechanical action.

To see the full spot, click on the Creative Works box below.

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