The Importance of Ecommerce
Retouching in a Pandemic World

Pandemic Pandemonium – Not Business as Usual.
COVID-19 changed the landscape of the business world and, in a short time, disrupted schedules and plans. Overnight, people were working from home in a limited capacity or on temporary furlough. Due dates were pushed back, not days but months or indefinitely, as the world was learning how to do its best work and conduct business during the pandemic and plan for a post-pandemic future.

A Major Client With a Major Problem
Macy’s had a critical eCommerce retouching issue – a first of its kind for this giant retailer. Under normal circumstances, merchandise is sent to the studio, photographed, retouched and put online. The merchandise: a solid-colored blouse was manufactured and ready to be sold on their eCommerce site. The problem: Their photo studio had closed down, as the photographers and the rest of the team were on furlough, except for a few on the management team.

Innovative Expertise Vs. The Word Impossible
Their PreMedia Director looked to Deloitte Digital Content Studio for our assistance to do what even Macy’s thought to be “impossible”. One image of the same blouse in multi-colored stripes was currently online. They wanted the colors to be removed, while maintaining the texture. At this point, they asked for whatever solution we could perform in a New-York-minute, so that the retouched blouse could be quickly uploaded to the site to maximize sales.

Teamwork Beyond Expectation
Our Deloitte Digital Content Studio NYC team, with everyone working from home, was tasked with the job and limited time to work on it. Macy’s expected we would provide a placeholder that would ultimately be replaced with the intended photographed image. The minimum goal was to have something presentable, but ideally our goal was to have an image that didn’t require a reshoot. The team delivered on time and above expectation.

Seeing Is Believing
The final images, shown above, were approved with no reshoot necessary. Saving the client time and money was an additional advantage. Macy’s was extremely grateful to be able to count on a team that delivered exactly what they needed, even when it seemed impossible.

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