Stop Wasting Time Managing
Your Digital Assets

In today’s fast-moving world, driven by the advent of digital, mobile, and social platforms, the ever growing digital assets that marketing and communication teams have to manage has skyrocketed. However, teams continuing to work with traditional methods and tools to manage their digital assets have often caused more problems than they have solved. Their old-fashioned approach is centered around storing digital assets in folders, making it particularly difficult to store, search, find, and share the specific assets they need. Inevitably, these outdated or traditional solutions lead to reduced performance, lower efficiency and frustrated users.

As volumes of the digital files exploded, they became siloed and marketing teams struggle to find and distribute their content. In the context of a fast moving marketing environment, where the pushbacks are costly and deadlines tight, a modern and flexible DAM system helps rapidly create and deliver media-rich experiences at scale.

Here are some of the ways a modern DAM helps creative teams address these digital and physical interruptions to make their work better:

Digital Interruptions
We all know about the complexity involved in sharing revisions of work via emails. On an average, the employee spends an estimated 28 percent of the workweek managing e-mails, and nearly 20 percent tracking down specific files. Email overload engages employees throughout the day.It is easy to miss important notes, and revisions, which can waste time and also cause anxiety. The difference between productive people and everyone else consists of strategies to manage this information overload. Email often tend to become productivity bottelnecks – things that take up valuable employee time and keep them from their real priorities.A DAM system creates structure, by storing digital assets in one location. The design team can devote their time to creating assets; not searching for them. Anyone in the organization can access the assets. This reduces design requests and prevents any rework on assets that have already been completed.

Identifying your system requirements is an essential part of making sure that the DAM solution you choose for your organization will be the right one for your infrastructure and your users.

Physical Interruptions
When you are engaged in a complex task it will require your undivided attention to complete it effectively. Researchers estimate the average person gets interrupted once every eight minutes while they’re trying to work. Even the smallest interruption lowers productivity since focus was broken, and following a distraction it can take considerable time to get completely refocused.And yet, in many organizations, creative professionals get interrupted all the time. They are asked for the latest proofs. Instead of an ad hoc process where the creative team is interrupted for anything, implementing a DAM can better protect the creative team’s time.A DAM system makes it easier for teams to stay on the same page. For instance, when there has to be a logo change, all content with the old logo can be found quickly and updated. After the final version is approved, the new logo design can be added into the asset library and made available for anyone to use immediately.

Constantly having to design new marketing content while still keeping up with tight deadlines is stressful. A digital asset management is one of the best ways to improve results and resolve many of the frustrations so common to marketing. With less effort and greater oversight and control, your marketers can open the content floodgates, delivering a consistent flow of dynamic and engaging experiences to customers across any channel or device.

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