Project transparency while
working with remote teams

Due to the covid-19 pandemic at the time of writing this article, lock downs and social distancing have become new normal across the globe. This has resulted in many companies shifting to remote working, with employees and teams working from home on a daily basis.

Team leaders and managers find themselves suddenly managing a completely remote team. Connecting employees and teams across geographies is hard, and the amount of activity to be coordinated and mobilized can quickly become overwhelming. It is harder to adhere to the ever-changing requirements and stay on top of tasks and deadlines.

As a creative work management tool, here are a few remote project management challenges we can help you overcome:

Proper planning is the key, but it can be challenging to complete tasks with the right diligence. Planning is not only limited to coordinating tasks across time zones, it also requires a project manager to understand the capabilities of the team and assign suitable tasks.
Finding and assigning the right resource for a task is one of the crucial elements in planning. A right resource means that the resource has the right skillset for the task. The advantage of remote working is that project managers can assign resources with specific skills based on the project requirement, irrespective of their location.
Regardless of whether you use a sophisticated work management tool such as JD Flow or a simple online spread sheet to schedule, assign and track all the work that needs to be done for a project, the important thing is to promote transparency.

Creative Briefs
Without a creative brief, project goals and creative direction can become ambiguous. The biggest challenge with creative brief processes that rely on inefficient tools like email, is the possibility of missing crucial project information. Email conversations cannot deliver the same level of accuracy and efficiency as a digitized smart brief.
Setting up a clear creative brief by thoroughly communicating expectations at the beginning of the creative process is critical. This helps in properly prioritizing work and avoiding revisions or course corrections that may result from poor planning.
With a work management software like JD Flow, you can use a structured template to communicate crucial information that your team needs. Using JD Flow you can create custom creative briefs with intake forms and add tasks so that everyone in the team stays on the same page.

Project Management
Project management for creatives involves communication, especially feedback from clients. This comprises translating client needs into concrete tasks your team can execute. The skill encompasses making sense out of the multitude of opinions, deciding which feedback should be implemented and communicating it to the team.
Using a project management tool will help you communicate better with your team and keep your clients informed. Having all your tasks laid out and assigned to the correct resource will allow you to stay organized and ensure that tasks are completed on time.
In JD Flow, real-time collaboration features help align and allocate creative resources effectively. Managers can easily track team’s progress, build insightful reports, and manage workflows efficiently from one platform.

When it comes to the review and approval stage, time and effective communication are of the essence. Depending on emails and file-sharing tools opens the door to a world of ambiguities as email threads can quickly become unmanageable.
An approval process involves obtaining an opinion that authorizes a task or an outcome. At times, a task may require several levels of approvals. Communicating feedback over email involves sending files to-and-fro, leading to confusion over what was reviewed and updated.
Using JD Flow’s online proofing capabilities to streamline the review and approval process not only brings clarity in information flow, but also speeds up the delivery process.

Storing creative assets
A lot of time and creative resources go into creating digital assets and they must be kept secure and well organized. Organizations need a centralized repository where they can store their work-in-progress and final files, organise and distribute them in a secure manner. Therein lies the importance of digital asset management or DAM.
When the team knows what exists versus what needs to be created, they’re better prepared to deliver creative, strategic, timely and cost-effective projects. The best-case scenario is when your project management solution works seamlessly with your DAM.
Using our DAM System, JD Vault, you can maximize the impact of your creatives across projects.

Managing projects remotely can be complicated. Choosing the right project management software that provides centralized visibility of the project tasks, goals, and other details are important at every stage of the project.
JDX Suite is more than a project management tool. It is a creative workflow management suite comprising products that help to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of creative production for media, brands and enterprises.

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