Why You Should Consider
Outsourcing Your Ecommerce Images

Even You Can Benefit in Outsourcing
As Brands look for a way to reduce costs, outsourcing eCommerce product images is an increasingly popular option. But is it the right solution for your company? The answer is, very likely, Yes! Here are four reasons even you should consider outsourcing your eCommerce image editing.

  • 1. Cost Efficiency: Money Talks Loudest Today
    Outsourcing is cost-effective. It’s the most obvious benefit and often one that grabs the attention of many brands. Companies (like yours) can save on the costs from onshore salaries, benefit packages, hiring fees and training to the capital expenditures on office space, furniture & equipment, not to mention technology. Hiring locally can be expensive, especially in urban centers such as New York City, Chicago and San Francisco.
  • 2. Skilled Resources: Freelance Experts Working from Home
    As your brand focuses on building your brand, offshore retouching companies focus on developing skill sets, learning the latest technology and making the process more efficient. That expertise is then passed on to your company. When a problem crops up, a highly qualified outsource retouching team has already faced it and is skilled at a quick resolution. Consider it freelance help at your beck and call, just working remotely.
  • 3.Efficiency, Quality AND Savings: The Advantages Are Priceless
    While major brands often outsource initially for the cost savings, the high-quality eCommerce images and efficient processes are added reasons to maintain business offshore. Outsource companies typically focus on efficiency and quality metrics, it’s the goal of their business. You can expect the process of eCommerce retouching to be evaluated and re-evaluated for efficiencies. From there, companies will track quality to ensure the high-quality standards are achieved.
  • 4. Round the Clock Production and Support: In Sync with You
    Outsourcing companies, although global, typically work in your time zone, whatever that time zone is. Companies offer 24/5, 24/6 or 24/7 support to ensure easy communication and a quick turnaround. Imagine sending your product images over at 5 pm and getting them back the next morning. Aligned turnarounds like this bring incredible efficiencies in getting your eCommerce images to market faster.

Get Outsourcing Benefits the Big Brands Have Been Getting
Major global brands have been offshoring their eCommerce retouching needs for years. Sending your eCommerce images to a retouching team, allows your brand to focus your efforts on building your brand.

Globalization is here to stay. Experienced outsourcing companies are at the forefront, offering skilled teams, high-quality output, strong customer service, all at a low cost. This very well could be the bump your company has been searching for. Reach out to me at kelly.guth@madrasglobal.com for more information.

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