Major Benefits of using a
Digital Asset Management Solution

There are a number of challenges in today’s marketing landscape. With the rapid growth of digitalization, digital marketers, brand managers, website editors, and many other specialists need to be proficient with the management of the continuously growing volume and velocity of digital assets. The creative, marketing, and development teams need a unified approach to manage the entire asset lifecycle, from creation to consumption. The old-fashioned approach with content silos, inefficient workflows, and inability to scale is simply inadequate. Brands worldwide are expected to constantly deliver high-quality content as stakeholders are looking for information exclusively online.

An ideal Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform like JD Vault helps to solve this problem. It is designed to organize, enrich, version, archive and distribute digital files, ensuring a consistent brand and product communication, producing content efficiently, guaranteeing content distribution and maximizing user engagement. While such a solution can have many benefits depending on the specific needs of companies, we have identified some major benefits of using a DAM enterprise solution.

  • Streamlined Distribution
    DAM platforms encourage and facilitate collaboration among users. Centralized control of digital assets with a DAM greatly simplifies access to critical assets because all users with permission will be able to immediately download such valuable materials as soon as they become available. Internal content collaborators, sales teams, and external partners can all have instant access to materials in a self-serve environment. Integrations with other marketing technology platforms can further automate and enhance distribution processes, across channels and other systems.
  • Eliminate cost of lost or misplaced work
    One of the main issues in having more assets, is that there is increased probability of losing or misplacing them. A DAM virtually eliminates the costs associated with losing valuable digital assets because once the assets are hosted by a DAM solution, they are secure and easy to retrieve.
  • Accelerate creativity and production cycles
    DAM tools help teams to quickly create and repurpose digital assets along with a smoother workflow and approval process. Version control and workflow approval functionality reduce time spent on manual tracking and gives you a competitive edge in your production cycles.
  • Reduce workflow redundancies
    Reducing workflow redundancies means more than just re-producing lost content. DAM systems can extend the value of assets through reuse and repurposing. Further, DAM solutions facilitate cross-team collaboration giving clear insights that enable multiple users to be on the same page, thus reducing the possibility of costly miscommunications.
  • Brand consistency and integrity
    The high degree of control furnished by DAM helps in the maintenance of the brand image. Access to the most up-to-date digital assets is controlled and this helps in conveying reliable messages, imagery, and identity through marketing collaterals or communication. This consistent use of the right content helps ensure cohesive brand messaging at every customer touch-point.
  • Permissioned access
    Permissions provide structure to your DAM and allow you to assign different roles and levels of access to your valuable assets. A DAM system allows organizations to provide permission control down to very specific levels so as to restrict access to sensitive content or limit download privileges on certain files.
  • Improve return on investment (ROI)
    DAM systems include powerful metrics that provide detailed summaries on every asset in your library. This access to data-driven analytics pinpoints exactly where gaps in your content reside, helping you to make budget friendly, strategic, creative decisions. This helps to adapt and improve marketing content strategies and eventually increase ROI.
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