How a Brand Found Success
Outsourcing Photo Editing to India

Ecommerce Evolution to Revolution.
Inventory is a company’s best asset yet worst enemy! Stock needs to keep moving. Retailers have to rush to post content on their store fronts before they are obsolete or out of vogue. Running the risk of losing sales and profits in this very competitive retail landscape is not an option. Today’s store front is really their eCommerce website – now the real marketplace, even for brick and mortar goliaths.

Timing Is Everything
During my 15 years in the advertising industry, I’ve seen the landscape change in the blink of an eye. Companies had to be agile to stay ahead of the curve to survive and even thrive. Thrown into this new world, I had to process large volumes of digital image content, something very different from my experience in the print aspect of the business. The biggest change? The stunning speed in which companies had to move products onto their eCommerce website.

Need for Speed
The retailer I worked for had a vast inventory that needed to be online as fast as possible. An endless tunnel of eCommerce Photo Editing to be blasted from the photo studio to our digital workflow and pushed online within weeks. We are talking digital assets to be processed and counted by the minute/hour to meet our goals and deadlines. Obviously, we needed reinforcements!

Out of the Norm, Into New Practices
This is when the industry gave birth to Outsource Photo Editing. This became a huge advantage. Not only we were able to process more than double, but we were able to cut time and thus cut costs. The whole process didn’t happen overnight. It involved developing teams, workflows and guidelines to be able to manage the snowball of digital image assets and content.

In-house + Outsourced = Super Teamwork
Our In-house and Outsource teams became a super-powered factory of data bringing products direct to consumer eCommerce Websites. This made the company very happy, profits rolling in, online double-digit growth year over year. What does this mean!? More growth, more content, more volume! 

A Million Assets Meticulously Managed
The Outsource Photo Editing team had to keep up with the supply of content that was being delivered. At the peak, one year the company set a goal to hit 1 million digital assets – more than double of current production. Thanks to the organized and meticulously developed workflows set in place and the time difference in India, the experienced Outsource team was able to process images overnight and have them on our eCommerce site the next day. Combining in-house efforts with those of the Outsource Photo Retouching Team elevated the work to a whole new level. 

To our surprise, we met the 1 million digital asset goal and even surpassed it! In-house teams with Outsource Photo Editing help, propelled my and other companies to become content powerhouses. In the new reality we are living in, we are versatile and confident handling the volume of work not thought possible. We can count on them for quality and on-time delivery, even in this pandemic/ post-pandemic world companies are faced with. Let’s shrink that inventory! 

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