Escape working in silos
using Digital Asset Management

In today’s digital age, rapid advancements in technology have not only leveraged traditional assets but also new formats of rich media like AR, VR and live streaming. Regardless of whether you are a startup, a medium-sized enterprise, or a major international brand, businesses must acquire a range of digital assets to augment their value and income. While the aim is to facilitate business operations, dealing with the unprecedented amounts of assets – traditional and new – results in digital assets going unused and being recreated at great cost. It would take many resources to manage the sheer volume of assets and they would have to consistently deal with the complexities of storing, organizing and distributing them in a secure manner.

It becomes an overwhelming struggle to effectively manage volumes of assets and keep track of the digital assets lying in fragmented chunks in disparate platforms. As a result, you either lose time searching for the asset or lose money recreating the asset. Lapses in asset distribution and repurposing affects brand consistency and time to market, leading to productivity and financial losses.

  • Some of the common Issues are:
  • Asset duplicates
    Multiple teams may need to work on multiple assets from different locations. This requires an asset tracking system that enables seamless and efficient collaboration.
  • Multiple requests
    There might be constant requests for digital assets from different departments. Teams tend to spend excessive amount of time on just transferring files. They need an efficient system that makes it easier to transfer files to the right user.
  • Asset versions
    An asset you are looking for may have multiple versions. You will need a system that provides you with some sort of an indicator to assure you that you are using the right version of the asset for the campaign.
    When there is such an issue, it’s usually due to of one of the following four challenges –
  • Central Asset Location
    A Digital Asset Management is cloud-based, and this allows you to store all of the assets in one central place. As employees are working remotely now more than ever due to the COVID – 19 pandemic situation, having one central location helps to establish a system where the correct asset location is known and the correct version can be accessed.
  • User Permissions and Restrictions
    Permissions are a crucial component of any Digital Asset Management system and permissions are provided down to very specific levels. Once there is a clear understanding of who is using the system, you can provide permission controls on what features the user has access to, based on the kind of functionality the user needs.
  • Streamline Collaborative Processes
    This allows marketers and creatives to work together more effectively. There is a need for better communication over digital content. Building processes that facilitate collaboration by providing interactive dashboards and the ability to monitor assets over their lifetime, increases productivity.
  • Sharing and Distributing Assets Securely
    One of the major pain points in a collaborative work environment is sharing & distributing your digital assets in a secure fashion. In an enterprise-grade Digital Asset Management System, asset files can be shared straight from the platform without file size limitations, improving the productivity and brand consistency significantly.

Transform your DAM
Businesses need an approach to managing their assets that allows them to react dynamically within an increasingly volatile digital environment. The key to engaging customer experiences is content: knowing
where to find it, where to deliver it, and at the right time. The time to invest in a digital asset management strategy is here and now.

Our Digital Asset Management System – JD Vault helps connect all the dots seamlessly from creation to distribution empowering you to scale faster, tap into more opportunities, accelerate productivity and boost the return on your digital assets. Crafted by a creative tech team, JD Vault provides an intuitive, integrated platform for quick and easy access to your digital assets.

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