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At the time of writing this article, the COVID-19 outbreak has made remote work the most viable alternative for most organizations, including digital marketing agencies. In a situation where the workforce is having to work in a decentralized manner and maintain social distancing, developing a comprehensive remote work policy may not be possible. Notwithstanding, to ensure an adequate level of productivity, you must adopt effective management strategies that will optimize the performance of your entire digital marketing team.

Remote work presents new needs and challenges that impact workforce and processes. Even though marketing teams are typically well-suited to running off-site since most of their work now takes place in the digital realm, remote communication can get difficult when managing intricate work with multiple team members.

Here are a few important tasks on how to manage your remote working digital marketing team-

Dynamic Work
This includes providing flexible work schedules, changing the locations where people work, and repurposing the roles they perform. The current situation is both reinforcing and accelerating dynamic work by restructuring teams and work schedules to identify work opportunities, and mapping worker availability with their skills.

This not only provides employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere, it enables to minimize the absenteeism and ensure operations continue to run smoothly. Like distributed work, dynamic work supports employees with the necessary technology and infrastructure, and also provides employees with work environments and experiences regardless of their location.

Using the Right Tools
During times of transition, Remote teams do require a certain approach to be effective. Make sure that employees stay organized, maintain communication, and use the right tools. This helps your marketing team stay on top of things and to feel a sense of stability as everything around them changed. Marketing teams rely on creative collaboration and constant connectivity to execute marketing campaigns on the fly. To collaborate remotely, workforces should have a reliable arsenal of tools.

Teams can collaborate on marketing team meetings by embracing the services mentioned below:

  • Slack and Microsoft Teams, essentially a team chat room and a private messaging platform for communicating and discussing blockers.
  • Confluence for creating style guides, documenting processes, and creating interlinked documents collaboratively.
  • Trello and Google Calendar for creating shared editorial calendars for managing publication of content.
  • Zoom or WebEx video conference tools for everything from large team meetings to one-on-one meetings.
  • JD Flow, a collaborative work management tool that is useful for creating project workflows, assigning and tracking progress of tasks across remote teams.

These tools work well in conjunction to improve team collaboration especially if your marketing team is scattered across the world.

Change Management
Remote working makes building a connection with your marketing team even more important. Marketing companies transitioning to remote work need to strategize how to communicate and collaborate effectively across teams to protect company culture and meet the larger company goals. For marketing leaders, running meetings is crucial to keep the team in sync on a weekly basis.

Getting your team together can give everyone in the team a chance to know how they contribute to the bigger picture, as well as help team members voice their concerns, stay motivated and productive, and build healthy relationships. Having frequent check-ins via phone calls or video conferencing, sharing updates in real-time, and visualizing the important metrics and marketing KPIs can help ensure that the team is always on the same page. Such routines can give team leaders an opportunity to review performances and tighten strategies for the time ahead before small challenges become large problems.

Creating a common platform for team members to share their work can improve transparency and accountability and build relationships in your remote marketing team. With the right team, strategies, and tools in place, you will find that having a distributed marketing team is just as effective.

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