Covid-19 and the
Reorganization of Work

In the future, the Covid-19 outbreak may be viewed as the watershed moment.  We are forced to adapt to a completely new digital world that is impacting our working patterns.  Till now, the progress has been steady and considerable, both in terms of remote working capabilities of the employees and its cultural acceptance within organizations. As we move along, we will see a new trend emerging that is significant to the digital workspace and the acceptance of remote working.

To unleash the opportunities of digital workplaces, we now need to usher in a new era in the organization of work. To transform this into reality, we must reorganize at three levels, namely –

  • Digital Workspace
  • Digital Working
  • Increased Agility

This will allow us to combine gains in productivity with creativity and innovation.

Digital Workspace
The move to go fully virtual may come naturally to marketing teams, since all their business tends to be SaaS and therefore cloud-based. The companies that have invested in building out digital capabilities are continuing to generate sales and engage with customers. As more companies transition to a digital workspace, they depend on digital savviness to maintain customer connections and plant seeds for future growth.
Planning for a digital workspace needs an understanding of how the organization works, to maintain essential functions. You can ensure this by understanding the following requirements-

  • The information that employees need to access
  • The systems that currently hold this information
  • Accessing this information remotely

Digital Working
Business experts agree that most companies across the globe will continue to support remote working even after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. In this situation where the employees are physically separated from their office and team members, the dynamics of working together must evolve and adapt.
One of the challenging aspects for employees is to collaborate on projects remotely and keep pace with the deadlines. Teams are required to be more connected to get the same work accomplished as they would in the office and ensure that their efficiency and overall productivity are not impacted.

  • 3 tips for boosting collaboration across teams while remotely working
  • Create an alignment and establish a framework to enable remote collaboration
  • Emphasize on accountability and ownership within teams by clearly defining expectations, creating
  • measurable KPIs, and providing continual updates on progress.
  • Deploy robust digital tools that are built to enable remote collaboration

By creating the right framework and choosing the right tools, you can empower teams to work together smarter and faster.

Increased Agility
During these uncertain times, most companies have altered their operating models to steer disruption and maintain business continuity. These companies have been able to evolve through high-levels of adaptability, flexibility and agility. Today’s digital marketing landscape is changing so rapidly that companies need to be more adaptable than ever. Delivering on speed, relevance and value to the customers has become more critical than ever to winning versus losing business. This can be achieved through:

  • Efficiently prioritizing work with a flexible approach to the changing customer needs
  • Improving marketing productivity
  • Increasing innovation

Agility pushes marketing to move beyond content creation by offering an organizational model for businesses to quickly design, create, and launch their marketing campaigns. A long-term resilience can be gained when businesses shift their workflows, technology capacity, marketing priorities, and content creation strategies, which helps businesses to evolve stronger.

An important lesson we are gaining from this pandemic is that every business must be digital. By embracing digital transformation, businesses can maintain their ability to ensure essential functions. JDX suite helps clients around the globe deliver by combining creative and digital capabilities. JDX is a cloud-based, enterprise grade, creative management suite comprising products that help to effectively manage the end-to-end lifecycle of creative ordering, production, workflow, serving, optimization and measurement for media, brands and enterprises at scale.

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