Characteristics of High Performing
Remote Marketing Teams

At the time of writing this article, businesses across the globe are struggling with the economic impact of the COVID-19 and the current signs are indicating a longer period of business disruption. All this disruption, along with the implications of suddenly moving to a remote work situation and shifting priorities, has created a host of new challenges for marketing.

Two of the biggest challenges that marketers face are – moving fast enough to keep up with the rapidly changing market, and creating innovative campaigns to differentiate and stand out. Although these obstacles are prevalent in today’s digital transformation, here are a few tips to make the most of your marketing teams during this time of uncertainty:

Agile Marketing Team
There are a number of prerequisites for agile marketing to work. A marketing organization must have a clear sense of what it wants to accomplish and have sufficient data, analytics, and the right kind of marketing-technology infrastructure in place. This technology component helps marketers make decisions, automate the delivery of campaigns and feed customer tracking and message performance back into the system. When the structure is centralized, there are clear lines of communication, so employees can be guided toward the achievement of the vision.In the absence of centralized management, there will be inconsistencies in relaying the message to employees because there are no clear lines of authority. Directing the organization’s vision from the top allows for a smooth implementation of its vision and strategies.

Marketing efforts require the entire department – alongside any external agencies they work with – to be fully connected. This alignment is critical in creating consistently high-quality campaigns at both scale and speed.Facilitating collaborative processes between team members and across departments, however, is easier said than done. Increased complexity equals increased odds of miscommunication, misalignment of resources, or general disorganization. To succeed in a distributed team, everyone should have visibility to the status of the project and where it stands. There should be no ambiguity to what’s being discussed.

Running a collaborative team environment takes a concerted effort to integrate co-operative values to leap over barriers and create open interactions among employees. This includes providing clear details, so that employees are aware of the boundaries between what they should be taking personal responsibility for, and what they need to work on collectively. Collaborative workplaces see increased levels of trust, a more engaged workforce, and improved performance.

Streamline processes
To work effectively, remote employees need to understand that there needs to be processes in place to ensure that work adheres to a set of standards, timelines, and workflows. Processes can also help avoid miscommunication, bottlenecks, and delays, which are common pitfalls.It is imperative to have streamlined processes in place that allow employees to complete their work with ease while ensuring consistent quality in their work and the experience they create for customers.

Marketing teams require close collaboration between different disciplines in order to execute on a campaign. Teams can benefit from having concrete processes in place on how to perform tasks. You can continuously refine these processes to increase efficiency and productivity.


Using the tips above, you can make sure that your organization can capitalize on a global workforce. However, in the current crisis, marketing teams need to adopt the tools and technologies that will enable them to achieve the same levels of collaboration and productivity they are used to.

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