Automate your workflow
and reduce chaos

Companies strive to grow regardless of their scale of operation and size. With the dynamic nature of today’s environment, business processes need to quickly evolve from chaotic to organized. As organizations evolve, they face mounting pressure to coordinate people, data and content across complex workflows. If not managed well, this tends to get more complex and unwieldy, finally ending up in agility roadblocks.

Companies tend to create processes that operate in siloes or in an unstructured manner, resulting in sub-optimal performance. Unfortunately, organizations think that by minimizing the use of manual processes, emails and other unstructured systems, they are operating in a controlled environment. In fact, relying on these inefficient and ad-hoc workflows only results in significant inefficiencies and chaos.

In times of rapid growth and of crisis, organizations face a myriad of issues, and without effective tools, managing the various teams, projects and workflows become cumbersome. Larger workloads and workforces require efficient workflow systems that seamlessly connect all the parts of the scaling business without information congesting the email inbox or getting lost in a chat.

Our Solution
The operational chaos and highly unstructured processes can be tackled by tools that simplify and streamline process management in entirety. Our dedicated workflow management tool – JD Flow lays the groundwork for sustainable operational success by:

  • Automating repeated processes
    A process requires a workflow to complete it and workflow automation involves design, execution and automation of processes based on pre-defined business rules. For example, a manager will have to manually track alerts to follow up on changes requested by the client, resulting in loss of time. With our workflow management tool- JD flow, customized automatic notifications can be easily set up for every client. The automated workflow process seamlessly integrates with the existing process.
  • 360-degree project management:
    By formalizing processes throughout the organization, the workflow management tool allows for coordinating processes across teams. JD Flow serves as a hub for inter departmental communication, reporting and tracking.
  • Track and adapt to business changes
    Companies that lack a documented and optimized processes find it difficult to analyze and adjust underlying processes to reflect new priorities. The JD flow platform provides insights into how operations are structured and performing, so business decisions can be driven by fact and be more strategic.
  • Align technology and processes
    Every business process is different. Over time, as business process tends to change, a workflow automation processes will need to be adjusted based on new functionality. JD Flow can be configured to create complex workflows that are specific to business requirements in terms of execution of steps and user interface.

JD Flow tackles operational chaos by helping you connect seamlessly with your scaling business instead of splitting your focus on every operational aspect of your company. Any task that consists of a series of well-defined steps can be chosen as a candidate for automation.

The Benefits of a workflow management system
A robust workflow management system will lead to a more reliable and faster production, and more efficient internal processes.

  • Insights to business processes
    An organization’s workflow comprises of the processes it needs to accomplish, the resources available to perform those processes, and the interactions among them. Mapping out these processes in the workflow gives you a top level view of your business. This provides you with regular insights into your processes. You can use these insights to improve your business and get more profit.
  • Reduce human labor and operational costs
    Shifting important routine tasks from humans to systems reduces operational costs, increasing profitability. Automated workflows can slash redundant departments and these humans can focus on developing strategies. The monitoring capability of the application to identify bottlenecks, along with the reports and analytics functionality helps avoid all unnecessary costs.
  • Reduce micromanagement
    Micromanaging an employee can cause a lot of problems. By clearly mapping out a workflow, managers need not micromanage their employees as everyone is aware of the tasks assigned to them and the deadlines. Everyone in the team is aware of what needs to be done, and this improves relations between the management and employees.
  • Improve on quality
    Workflow allows you to think and choose the employees with best skill sets to perform a job. You can assign tasks to employees who are best suited to perform the available tasks. Automating workflows allow you to set up processes, then let them run. The majority of work that occurs within processes can be automated, reducing the likelihood of human error. Over time, this will improve the quality of your products or services.

Adopting a workflow management system does not require you to scrap your current business processes. Rather, you can integrate it with your existing workflow and improve your existing system. JD Flow adds power to your operations by helping you to create higher quality products more efficiently, in less time, bringing in more revenue with fewer expenses.

Workflow tools are being used today in industries as wide ranging as finance, healthcare, marketing and higher education. By gathering and sharing data across an organization, and embedding analytics, workflow management systems are being used to eliminate siloes and optimize business processes. The JD Flow workflow automation software can be configured to meet all types of business processes.

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