5-point Checklist to Top Quality
Product Photo Editing

Making High Quality the Top Priority at Every Step
Ensuring that the highest quality is obtained when editing images for eCommerce and high-end Retouching is the number one priority. When selecting photo editing and retouching services, here are 5 components that are essential factors for optimal quality and high customer satisfaction. 

  • 1. Medium / Specs:
    This is your GPS on your road to successful photo editing. Getting familiar with the different types of files and specifications is critical. Size, crop, color and space for eCommerce, posters, banners and type of paper (in case you are doing print reproduction) need to be accurate and visually effective.
  • 2. Brand Guidelines:
    Giving important consideration to the targeted audience and brand message of your client is critical when working with high end retouching or eCommerce images. Visual communication should be focused on age, social group and general demographics.
  • 3. Stakeholders:
    Being aware of your internal and external stakeholders while considering their needs in the process is paramount to successfully achieving and maintaining high standards.
  • 4. Communication:
    Making sure that you have open channels of communication throughout the whole retouching process ensures best results. At the outset, you and your team should have all the information needed to achieve and deliver images on time according to your client’s specifications
  • 5. Delivery:
    After taking all the above steps into account, quality control is the final step and one that must not be forgotten. This is when the retoucher checks every image to confirm that the client’s specifications have been met.

Build a Reputation of Quality From Beginning to End
These steps represent a condensed, but important process map for a successful partnership between clients and team members to become known for high quality product photo editing in the industry.

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