high quality, professional image retouching services.
The key to a successful ecommerce business is high quality product photos. You’ve hired the photographer, set up the shoot, taken some fantastic images. Now it’s time to edit and retouch those photos. Don’t leave one of the most important details to just anyone!

Madras provides high end photo retouching and editing services for the world’s top brands and retailers. We have experience in high fashion, fine jewelry, product photography and plenty of other categories, and have worked with some of the top names in the industry to provide comprehensive image editing packages. No matter what type of subject matter you are working with, we can help.
Millions of assets delivered
Our image services team delivers virtually every product image on, retouching tens of thousands of images every week for upload to their ecommerce site. In the ten years we have worked together, we have become a mission-critical partner to the success of the site.
Outsource with confidence
We are behind-the-scenes partners to some of the world’s leading agencies and consultancies, delivering marketing content and ecommerce images retouched and optimized to their client’s rigorous standards.
High end and high quality
Our client sells the world’s most luxurious brands, so it’s important that the images they use communicate the quality, details, and workmanship of their products. Madras has delivered high end image editing to their exacting standards time and again.
Professional photo editing & retouching services
Product images can make or break your ecommerce site. Shoppers rely on high quality images to tell the story of the product, and a bad product photo can ruin your website purchase opportunities if you let it. Successful ecommerce companies know that having impeccable product photography is the key to making the sale.

What does image retouching entail? Just about everything, if we’re being honest. Our team of photo retouchers have capabilities to do simple edits, like light correction or removing the out of place hair strand, as well as the talent to do just about anything in photoshop. We’ve solved a number of issues for our clients, from showcasing multiple colors of products to making studio photos look natural in the space.

Madras has worked with some of the top names in the game to provide comprehensive, professional photo retouching and editing services. We deliver thousands of retouched images weekly to our clients and have built a system where our retail clients can trust that their images will be returned to them fully edited and on time. Ready to get started? Our team can talk you through your options and help set up a package that is perfect for your needs.
Madras services brands
across the spectrum.
Our clients include major department stores, well known fashion brands, and boutique businesses looking to grow. We’ve provided high end retouching services for a number of brands, but we really shine in the following categories:
Apparel & fashion
Watches & jewelry
Shoes & handbags
Beauty products
M//retouch is more than just a photo editing service.