highest quality, agency standard retouching services.
Madras Global provides high end photo retouching for the world’s top brands and retailers. No matter what type of subject matter you are working with, you are photographing, we can help.

Fine jewelry, high fashion, on figure, beauty, these are some of the categories where we provide high end product photo retouching.
  • millions of assets
    Our image services team delivers virtually every product image on, retouching tens of thousands of images every week for upload to their ecommerce site. In the ten years we have worked together, we have become a mission critical partner to the success of the site.
  • agency standard
    We are behind-the-scenes partners to some of the world’s leading agencies and consultancies, delivering marketing content and ecommerce images retouched and optimized to their clients rigorous standards.
  • highest quality
    The Bloomingdale’s online store sells the world’s most luxurious brands, and it’s important that the images they use communicate the quality, details, and workmanship of their products, so it’s critical that we match Bloomingdale’s exacting quality guidelines precisely.
Madras provides fashion photography, high end retouching services for our clients around the world.
  • a full range of retouching
    Specializing in eCommerce retouching for women’s fashion, men’s fashion, fine jewelry, handbags, shoes, beauty, kids & baby, bed & bath, home furnishings, bedding and more.
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  • high quality
    We’ve been delivering high-quality retouching work for the world’s most recognisable brands for more than 10 years.
  • scalable/high volume
    With over X,000,000 images edited every year, our inexhaustible studios have been built to grow with our customers and continuously.
  • fast turnaround
    Our inexhaustible studios work around the clock to deliver high-quality work at the speed you determine.
  • top brands
    Our growing portfolio of happy customers includes top fashion and retail brands such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and Jones Knowles Ritchie.
  • cost efficient
    We understand the importance of cost, which is why we offer flexible operating models to suit every client’s needs.
  • easy onboarding
    We understand you don’t have a lot of time to spend training a new vendor. Our experienced account management team will have your retouched images flowing in no time.
  • proprietary technology
    Everything we do is powered by our proprietary and award-winning technology, JDX, which gives you full visibility and reporting at all times.
  • our customers love us
    Our customers love us because we deliver.
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