video product sales
calls that make a
Not attending trade shows? Social distancing preventing showroom visits? Travel budgets cut? m//marketplace makes it easy for wholesalers and retail buyers to meet.
Anytime, anywhere, in minutes.
A virtual showroom & marketplace for product wholesalers

Makes life easier for sales people. Simple. Easy to use. Lightens the work of your sales team.

The world of retail and online shopping has recently had to reinvent itself. Meetings with buyers and wholesalers have moved online, but that doesn’t mean you need to lose the personal touch of an in-person meeting. Enter: m//marketplace.

Our proprietary virtual showroom and meeting application has revolutionized the video call between buyer and seller. Our platform integrates your products into the video presentation, allowing potential buyers to zoom in, learn more, and get a full understanding of why your product is better than the rest.

If you’re worried about how to compete in the marketplace when tradeshows and showroom visits are off the table, m//marketplace is your solution. We make it easy for wholesalers and retail buyers to meet. Anytime, anywhere, in minutes.

Interactive video sales technology;
virtual showroom solution

Increase buyer engagement by 10X with our m//marketplace. Everything you need, in one place. Sell to anybody, anytime, anywhere with our virtual showroom.

Your showroom, your voice

m//marketplace is built to be fully white-labeled and customized, giving your customers a true brand experience from the moment they enter our online marketplace solution.

Showcase products from every angle

Meet in videoConnect with your buyers over video and make sure your product the center of attention over 10 different product views.

Up close and personal

Allow your buyers to really get to know your products with high definition close-ups. Every stitch. Every button. Every detail. A digital showroom solution for your products.

The “clothes rack” carousel

Curate the perfect selection of items prior to your meeting for a quick and easy product discussion.

Collection galleries

Curate the perfect selection of items prior to your meeting for a quick and easy product discussion.

3D view

Open your digital store doors to customers interested in a one-to-one personal shopping experience with your sales team.

360 degree

Examine an item like it was in your hands or sit back and watch it gently spin on your screen. 360 degree is a truly memorable moment for buyers to see your products in their very best light.

Pre-booked or walk-in

Customers can schedule appointments in advance or simply log on to speak to a sales representative on demand.

Curate a bespoke edit

Prepare a virtual product selection based on your customer’s needs, and present them via video, carousel, collections and more.

Shop the look

Bring your catwalk looks to an ecommerce marketplace with interactive hotspots and accessible product detail pages.

Shop the shelf

Utilize the interactive product hotspots in a beautiful virtual showroom experience.

Reporting that drives your business

Customize, schedule and download the exact reports you need to monitor sales, analyze performance, identify trends and oversee team activity. Reporting templates that align with retail requirements and allow you to send offers to customers.

Get the insights you need
  • Market recap reports
  • Placement reports
  • Product trends
  • Order history
  • Review team KPIs
Video presentation and virtual showroom solution designed to sell
  • build relationships
    Visually connect your partners with your product and your salespeople to increase Buyer Engagement by 10X.
  • sales performance
    Manager view’s rich reporting capabilities speeds up placement time and maximizes profits.
  • adoptable application
    Great for B2B and B2C internal product reviews, and factory collaboration.
  • simple onboarding
    Easy to learn, no special software required.
  • picture quality
    High-resolution product imagery shows every detail
  • flexible & scalable
    Platform customizations and account support available 24 hours a day
  • interactive interface
    An eCommerce like product gallery experience.
  • Cost efficient
    Increase profits by lowering costs associated with travel, in-person meetings, sample production, and showroom expenses
  • drive efficiency
    Can seamlessly integrate with your existing tools.
  • data protection
    Private and secure, with end-to-end encryption.