United States 01 October 2017

A new 30-second spot from Madras Brand Solutions for vacuum maker Shark intones muscle car ads as the lightweight Shark IonFlex eats its way through a slew of debris such as candy, aquarium rocks, and dirt. It’s introducing a cord-free model that can stand anywhere.

Shark has made an everyday commitment to infomercials, so Madras embraced the DNA in brand ads to stand apart from the smooth lifestyle portraits that typify competitors’ commercials.

To heighten the visual drama, Madras enlisted The Marmalade, which used the same robotic arm-held Spike camera that has allowed them to produce dramatic angles in commercials for such brands as SmartCar and Braun. The result is an intense close-up on the mechanical action that’s unique to the Shark products.

The new spot is airing on primetime network and cable programs. In addition, Madras is working with Facebook to create 5-, 10- and 15-second versions for the platform.