Rich Media Ad Serving & Management
M//Rich offers a comprehensive set of rich media ad products to publishers and agencies for high-impact advertising across devices. Offering a proprietary cross-platform rich-media solution, M//Rich helps to build custom rich media ad units, serve and measure the performance of ad creatives in a granular fashion. With our Rich Media Ad Management Platform, our clients can easily enhance & customize the experience of rich media ad formats across various ad servers. M//Rich lets you design custom experiences & measure outcomes in a scalable and cost-effective manner and helps to increase user engagement & maximize your return on investment. Crafted by the leaders in creative tech sector, M//Rich helps to serve rich ad experiences, increase user engagement, automate ad serving and measurement in a cost-effective manner for the best ROI.
Tick Your Wishlist For A Robust Rich Media Management Platform‎
  • Customize rich media experience
  • Instantly serve rich media creatives across ad servers
  • Measure custom user engagement metrics
  • Multi-platform Ad Tags
  • Wide variety of rich media ad formats
  • Increase user engagement
  • Reduce your overall costs
  • Decrease time to market
  • Product preview and proofing
  • Self-serve interface to quickly update rich media creatives
  • Built-in compliance check for conforming to IAB standards
  • Schedule updates to live campaigns based on date/time triggers
Tailor-made features for a proprietary, cross-platform rich media solution
  • Endless Customization
    Work with our designers to create and animate your creatives that provide rich user experiences and improve user engagement on your websites.
  • Seamless Editing & Serving
    M//Rich provides a self-serve interface to update rich media creatives – change images and clickthrough URLs – and serve them across different ad servers and devices using custom ad tags in a secure manner.
  • Custom Metric Reporting
    M//Rich provides the ability to measure custom metrics on creatives over and above the default interaction metrics such as clicks on individual slides within a carousel, number of times a user clicked to view expanded portion of creative and so on.
  • Campaign Scheduling
    Our platform offers the ability to schedule the image and clickthrough URL changes to reflect in LIVE campaigns based on date/time triggers. This will ensure that the right creative serves at the right time.
  • Preview & Compliance Check
    M//Rich provides a detailed preview of the rich media ad units for the user to visualize and proof custom rich media experience across devices and form factors. It also has certain in-built compliance mechanisms for file format validation, size validation and so on to ensure that the creatives are built according to the guidelines specified by IAB.
  • Multi-platform Ad Tags
    With M//Rich, enjoy the ease to generate ad tags that are compatible with different ad servers such as Google Ad Manager,, etc. The ad tags are also MRAID compliant, enabling the rich media ads to run smoothly across all compatible devices and applications.
Seamless compatibility with leading platforms
Customize rich media experience and accelerate time to market
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