Sendil Kumar

Sendil believes that the fulcrum of creativity is unbridled passion. He’s a man of varied interests and multiple vocations. Having dabbled in theatre, advertising, film and music, Sendil believes the line that separates art and life is very thin. More than anything else, he considers himself a storyteller constantly in search of an audience. Consequently, he considers his achievements in advertising a result of his steadfast attempts at helping brands and clients narrate the product story in a way that’s least boring.

Sendil has nearly two decades of advertising experience, eight years of which he has spent as an ad filmmaker and the rest in leading advertising agencies and big brands. He uses humor as a weapon to disarm the most dogged of opponents and uses the power of human empathy to create deeper connections. He believes there is no problem that doesn’t have a creative solution and that good creative is one that works for the client and is remembered by the audience. He is currently trying his best to be a pacifist and striving desperately to be a vegetarian.