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At Madras, it is our objective to hire the best available talent. The hiring process is very rigorous and candidates go through a series of tests to assess their design capabilities and personality traits followed by multiple rounds of interviews.
Job Summary:

As a Planning Lead you will be responsible for overall quality of work produced and delivered to client. You will be responsible for streamlining the current workflow to eliminate redundant and unnecessary steps that may exist. You will also be responsible for reviewing, analyzing the data and send recommendations to improve the overall business activity and workflow.

  • Responsible for quality and on time delivery for multiple clusters within the shift
  • Responsible for keeping the team abreast of the updates on the SOP
  • Introduce initiatives for team development
  • Ensure instructions / update from the client is disseminated to the team
  • Assist on the shift schedules
  • Responsible for checking the actual designing time against the estimated time.
  • Responsible to give feedback to the team in terms of their performance.
  • Responsible for devising quality programs within clusters
  • Responsible for reviewing the revision analysis & provide feedback
  • Continuously improve overall performance productivity, quality and on time delivery
  • Plan on the resource allocation and job planning
  • Responsible for overseeing the projects from start to completion
  • Responsible for the utilization of the team
  • Timely flagging of issues to reporting manager
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the processes and recommend continual improvements
  • Develops an environment that provides motivation and development opportunities for the team.
  • Maintain and manages daily reports.
  • Participate in continuous review activities so as to ensure periodic development of quality processes.
  • Recognize and reward performance of the team within cluster.
  • Graduation in any discipline.
  • Over all exp: 5+ years
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