The vacuum head had not changed in over 50 years. And no one seemed to notice. Except for Shark, that is. They realized that many of the problems people took for granted while vacuuming could be solved if they engineered an entirely new structure. It was a brand new technology called DuoClean, and it changed the game. But how do you tell the world about an amazing innovation that literally no one was waiting for?


Go in depth. We used CGI and motion control cameras to create a TV spot that explained common vacuuming problems, and then DuoClean’s solution, at a granular level – literally. We even art directed our dirt, by making it bright, vibrant and eye catching, rather than drab and depressing. With slick camera work and editing, more like a car ad, consumers understood that something big was happening. We then re-edited highlights of our spot into multiple social posts, and let them go to work.