While most businesses were embracing social media, they were looking at it as a one-dimensional expression: create something in social that drives clicks, shares and sales. French Connection wanted to see if social could influence online sales as well as for brick and mortar.

THE solution

Let’s go ‘Phy-gital.’ We created a seamless, integrated real-time experience with the #canthelpmyselfie campaign. It combined social and the selfie phenomenon with in-store, online and mobile.

Launched at a celebrity and press event at the brand’s flagship Regent Street store in London, shoppers took ‘curated’ selfies in-store, posted on social media, and were simultaneously shown in-store windows for interactive display, turning their selfies into five seconds of fame.

Participation and a single aligned ecosystem of channels made the campaign hugely successful, which made millennials reappraise the brand. All with no media spend.


  • 4 millionSocial impressions
  • 4,345Selfies
  • 545,558Shares
  • Increased store footfall & extensivePR coverage
  • Free celebrity endorsementfrom Made in Chelsea stars
  • Free floorspace fromHouse of Fraser
  • IAB Creative ShowcaseAwards 2014