Ganesh Krishnaswamy

Ganesh leads digital strategy for Madras Global, India where he oversees social, search and analytics. Prior to Madras Global, Ganesh has worked on brands such as United Breweries – UB Ice, Kingfisher Strong, Kalyani Black Label, LeEco, CricInfo, Yahoo!, iStream, WorldSpace amongst others.

Ganesh is also the founder of India’s leading heavy metal band, Kryptos. He loves reading sci-fi & horror novels, listening to hard rock/heavy metal and synthwave music.

Travel Tours

Travel Tours

Helping create Synergy
and establishing
a new brand connect


Flight Centre Travel Group, Australia, one of the world’s largest travel agency groups acquired Travel Tours, a premier travel agency in South India. The acquisition demanded leveraging the strengths of the two brands, creating synergy between the brand identities, and to create a sense of assurance between their existing customers under one brand, Travel Tours.

THE solution

We helped in positioning the brand under the umbrella of Madras’ 4 values, used Travel Tours’ heritage with FCTG Australia’s connect, and lent the identity across all media.



Creating a movement for the community
to wake up and face the challenges
affecting the agriculture industry


For several years the plantation and agriculture industry in India has faced a number of challenges: climate change, lack of water, rising labor and operational costs, and talent drain, just to name a few.

THE solution

As the United Planters Association of Southern India’s (UPASI) creative partner for their 125th year summit, we created “Winds of Change” to drive attendance and active participation within the community to get them to start addressing these challenges with viable solutions that are future-proof.


“Winds of Change” marks the beginning of a new era of growth and progress for the industry and a rallying cry that unites people. And most importantly, it is a movement that promises to take the plantation and agriculture industry back to an era of progress and glory.

Sowmya Hariharan

Sowmya has over 10 years of experience in client services. Her focus is on spearheading operations restructuring initiatives that address business growth using technology to successfully cut costs, streamline operations and increase productivity.

Sowmya works with a team of over 85 and oversees the end-to-end service delivery for a multitude of global brands like Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Build-a-Bear, Lenovo, and Myntra.

She is a trained Carnatic singer, speaks more than four Indian languages and is a fitness enthusiast who loves to travel.

Sathish Bhaskaran

Sathish’s experience spanning more than two decades has helped brands around the globe deliver results across print and digital media. His initial years of advertising was in the Middle East working for some of the top Telecom, Financial and Automobile brands. As a digital fanatic he strongly believes that every form of design should evolve and focus towards a greater experience for the user.

He has spent close to a decade at 2AdPro and has been instrumental in delivering top notch digital advertising solutions to the media and brand customers, and in the process built a robust digital practice grounds up before moving to the Madras Global side in 2017.

He is a father of twins, enjoys being in the midst of family and nature.

The Importance Of Closing The MarTech Gap

December 26, 2018

According to recent reports from Accenture and Gartner, 63% of CMOs plan to increase their innovation budgets in 2019, and one-third of companies plan to boost innovation spending by more than 50%.

Both add to the growth of worldwide spending on the technology and services that enable digital transformation, which is expected to approach $2 trillion by 2022.

That sounds like great progress, until you consider the executives Gartner surveyed agree “marketers’ innovation intent isn’t matched by their innovation capabilities.” In short, we’re spending exponentially more on MarTech to get only incrementally better at marketing.

And the gap is growing.

Why? Despite years of focus, we still can’t establish a user’s identity across an ever-increasing array of channels, devices and data sources.

What good is the escalation in MarTech if we don’t really know who we are marketing to? Virtually none. If we can’t establish user identity, we can’t reliably track their journey across channels and sites. And there’s no magic that IoT, BlockChain and AI can unfurl to overcome the deficiency.

Forrester recently concluded that understanding users across data sources will remain an obstacle as long as customer data remains locked in many disparate systems. When marketers can access data across sources, they can see new paths. For example, one big shoe manufacturer was able to see its customers weren’t 20-something men but women buying for their husbands and sons.

Mostly, though, we’re still like the growing digital commerce electronics company that struggles to identify what its consumers are doing just before landing on its website. Are they searching in Google and then commenting in Facebook? Are they using mobile checkout? What payment systems and banks are processing their transactions?

While the internet bulges with more data than ever, the walled gardens of FAANG keep users elusive. And they will stay that way until we can create a universal user ID system.

The user data provided by these platforms amounts to a pinhole vision; typically, small cohorts of users specific to channels rather than a 360-degree spectrum of behavior across digital, offline and real-world action. DSPs, CRMs and DMPs all provide value, but none deliver a unified user view in a cross-media, cross-channel, cross-device, online and offline arena.

Many third-party sources readily offer you a list, but it takes weeks to segment, join and optimize the data for user identity. By then, the prospect has vanished from the radar. That’s especially true for companies that have numerous distinct brands with offline presences. They can’t maximize consumer experiences or marketing, so they can’t gain a competitive edge from data.

What we need is a blockchain-based, universal user profile and journey data consortium to unify user profiles across online and offline data platforms, incorporating first- and third-party sources. Such a system could track user markers across new and existing IoT or device technologies, so user identity is consistent across sources and over time.

This can be done, even within the rising standards of privacy. As a marketing community, we need to come together to close the gap between intent and capability in marketing. There is no room for walled gardens when commerce depends on data synthesis, and the MarTech economy hinges on ROI that conspicuously eludes marketers.

True marketing innovation depends on accessing user identity reliably in real-time, so we can market as smartly as we plan and generate marketplace results. Until then, we’re wasting our money and time on the latest MarTech.

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Macy’s Ramps Up Automated Digital Creative In Expanded Partnership With Madras

September 27, 2018

Dive Brief:

Macy’s has expanded its relationship with brand commerce agency Madras Global for creative automation across its e-commerce platform, according to a news release provided to Marketing Dive. Portions of this work had been previously handled by Madras’ sister company 2adpro since 2011.

Madras will work with Macy’s internal teams to provide high-volume digital advertising and marketing services, including retouching, email and site content for the full Macy’s and portfolio. A key focus of the deal is helping the retailer create and manage more than 9 million product images that run annually across the website, promotions and landing pages.

Macy’s will have access to Madras’ strategic and creative teams and the company’s platform, called JDX, to allow for dynamic workflow and asset management collaboration. “Our always on approach to marketing with the goal of creating customized and relevant connections with our customers will be further enabled by the scalability and speed of delivery that Madras brings to the table,” said Chuck Hansen, group vice-president, marketing operations for Macy’s, in a statement.

Dive Insight:

Automation across marketing functions continues to grow, with creative one important area of focus, as the Macy’s news shows. That the retailer is expanding an existing relationship points to how some bricks-and-mortar are increasing their focus on e-commerce as more consumers browse and purchase online by scaling up strategies that were previously in place. With net sales dropping for Macy’s, the retailer Macy’s has been working to grow its e-commerce business and adding tech-focused in-store features to attract younger shoppers. The company also plans to have mobile checkout at all of its stores by the end of the year.

In the digital realm, being able to push out relevant emails and other marketing content as quickly as possible and at scale can help brands drive performance by controlling costs while being more responsive to consumers needs. Global marketing automation spend is projected to reach $25.1 billion by 2023, up from $11.4 billion in 2017, according to Forrester. Fifty-five percent of CMOs are planning to increase spending on marketing technology over the next year.

Macy’s sizable content collection includes social media, where the retailer recenlty redesigned its Instagram feed, launched a page dedicated to men’s fashion and expanded its Style Crew influencer network, which now numbers more than 300. The expanded partnership with Madras will help Macy’s manage its expansive content needs so that it can quickly create and execute scalable digital strategies and content.

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The Ad2pro Group’s Jdx Platform Wins Digiday Technology Award

September 27, 2018

Recognition as best CMS & Web Content Management Platform validates JDX as a key growth driver of the Company’s 2adpro and Madras Global divisions.

NEW YORK (September 27, 2018) – The Ad2Pro Group, which provides strategy, creative and content automation to global brands and media companies, has won Best CMS & Web Content Management Platform for its JDX technology in the 2018 Digiday Technology Awards, a premier industry competition for advertising-related technologies.

JDX is a customizable, cloud-based workflow system that supports the creation and delivery of of digital content by brands, publishers and partners in a flexible scalable and cost-effective way. JDX also pushes creative content directly onto ad servers, thus supporting the entire life-cycle of digital content seamlessly on a single platform.

The two operating divisions of Ad2pro – creative automation provider 2adpro Media Solutions, and brand commerce agency Madras, – leverage JDX to manage content development and delivery for such companies as Macy’s, Gatehouse Media, and Lenovo. Together, 2adpro and Madras publish over two million pieces of advertising content annually.

“This award recognizes JDX among the best, most innovative software platforms, in a hotly competitive sector,” said Todd Brownrout, CEO of The Ad2Pro Group. “In the process, it validates the power of our underlying systems and affirms the investment we continue to make in technology.”

“From the day we started Ad2pro we recognized that technology would make us stand out from the competition,” added Gopal Krishnan, Executive Chairman of Ad2pro. “This award is further evidence that JDX and Ad2pro are truly best in class.”

In January, Ad2Pro escalated its technology investment by hiring Silicon Valley technology veteran Shiva Kris as Chief Technology Officer. Kris’ career includes key roles at 24/7 Media and Yahoo. Since joining in January, Kris has led a rapid expansion of Ad2Pro’s development teams, which fuel the double-digit growth of Ad2Pro’s businesses. Recently, Madras has added Patheon, Shark Ninja and Salt Financial to its customer portfolio, while 2adpro has expanded its global client base and significantly expanded its tech-enabled AdOperations practice.

“Marketing, advertising and media technology are among the most competitive, most rapidly evolving industries out there,” said Max Willens, platforms reporter at Digiday. “It’s no accident that our awards list is filled with global behemoths as well as fast-growing startups.”

About The Ad2pro Group (
Established in 2006, The Ad2pro Group (ad2pro Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) is a leading global marketing services company that develops and delivers strategic creative, low-cost implementation and technology solutions to the world’s leading brands and media companies. The Ad2pro Group ( is comprised of 2Adpro Media Solutions ( and Madras Global (

2Adpro serves prestigious media companies such as News Corp (AUS), Tegna Television Group (US), Gatehouse Media (US), Fairfax Publishing (AUS and NZ), and Newsquest Media (UK), with on-demand creative and technology automation services.

Madras is a global brand commerce agency that works with global brands such as Macy’s, Salt Financial, Patheon, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shark/Ninja, HH Brown, Travel Tours, and American Outdoorsman. It is a full service creative agency specializing in strategy and planning, brand communications, websites, social and mobile campaigns, experiential and engagement, content fulfillment and execution.

Ad2pro Group is powered by its integrated Ad Ops technology platform and proprietary workflow and automation solution, JDX. The Company has offices in India (Bangalore, Chennai) the US (New York, Los Angeles, Austin), the UK (London) and Australia (Melbourne).

About the Digiday Technology Awards

The Digiday Technology Awards recognize the technology bringing transparency, efficiency, and effectiveness to the media and marketing processes.
For more information, visit

Macy’s Partners With Madras Global For Creative Automation

September 25, 2018

Madras will collaborate with Macy’s Marketing teams to support the retail giant’s high-volume e-commerce marketing operations including executing select digital strategies, on and offline advertising, and content development

NEW YORK, NY (September 25, 2018) – After a rigorous review process Macy’s has partnered with Madras Global to support creative automation work for Macy’s e-commerce platform, in collaboration with Macy’s existing internal teams. Madras was tapped to provide high-volume digital advertising and marketing services, from high-speed retouching to delivery of email and site content that will support the entire Macy’s and portfolio.

Since 2011, portions of the creative production and retouching work for had been handled by Madras’ sister company, 2adpro. In addition to the high-volume, high-speed delivery operation they have been accustomed to, this new partnership gives Macy’s access to Madras’ big brand strategic and creative teams.

“Madras was built to enable our clients to deploy their marketing dollars as efficiently and effectively as possible while continuously delivering quality content,” said Fred Schuster, CEO of Madras. “We are thrilled to continue our relationship with Macy’s and to help them confront the challenges of a rapidly changing retail world.”

“We are excited to continue to build on our relationship with Madras as part of this next evolution of our creative partnership,” said Chuck Hansen, group vice-president, Marketing Operations for Macy’s. “Our always on approach to marketing with the goal of creating customized and relevant connections with our customers will be further enabled by the scalability and speed of delivery that Madras brings to the table.”

The expanded partnership plays into Madras’ strengths and unique operating model that combines lower priced and high-volume creative automation via their Indian operation, and high-value strategic and creative resources in New York and London. A critical component of this operation is Madras’ technology platform, called JDX, that allows dynamic workflow and asset management collaboration between Madras and Macy’s.

About Madras Global
Madras Global is a global brand commerce agency that seamlessly weaves story and delivery to create continuous content. To do so, they apply emotional brand building expertise and the application of data to cost effectively drive business performance.

Powered by JDX, their propriety Ad Ops Technology platform, Madras operates under a unique new business model that provides creative solutions in near-shore hubs of New York and London, that are cost-effectively executed via its off-shore creative and production teams in Bangalore and Chennai.

Madras works with global brands such as Macy’s, Patheon, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Shark/Ninja, Lenovo, Salt Financial, French Connection, HH Brown, Travel Tours, and American Outdoorsman providing full-service capabilities in strategy and planning, traditional brand communications, websites, social and mobile campaigns, experiential and engagement, content fulfillment and execution.

Madras is a division of The Ad2pro Group, a premier, tech-enabled, content delivery business providing high quality, high volume work for elite brands. In addition to Madras, the Ad2pro Group operates its 2Adpro Media Solutions division, which partners with prestigious media companies such as Tegna (US), Gatehouse (US), Fairfax (AUS and NZ), and Newsquest (UK), to offer on-demand creative and technology automation services.

For more information on Madras, visit, or follow Madras on Twitter at @MadrasGlobal and on

Madras Global Lands Macy’s Business

September 25, 2018

Macy’s is appointing Madras Global as its agency to serve as the retailer’s creative automation partner.

Madras will work with the in-house team responsible for Madras will create and manage content on, including product images, product descriptions, which essentially will account for all ecommerce advertising.

The size of the account was not disclosed.

Macy’s has pivoted away from traditional AOR relationships, except for creative, in recent years. The retailer launched this review to create a long-term relationship with an agency to handle their sizable content needs. That means creating and managing the more than 9 million images that run on the website annually, promotions and landing pages.

This account announcement, which may be the first time a major brand has announced this type of ecommerce alliance, underscores that creative automation is an increasingly important field.

Madras Global won out, in large measure, because of its sister company 2adpro’s history of delivering on these kinds of projects for Macy’s.

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