Troy Everett

Troy brings over 25 years of experience in managing creative production operations and sales for publishers. Troy’s expertise and success at scale has helped one of the largest publishers in the AU/NZ region become incredibly efficient.

Superfan featured in Archive

Our “Shaped To Fly” work for Superfan was inspired by nature: birds, dragonflies, and butterflies, all anatomically structured to fly without effort. Similarly, Superfan wields a range of products that echo effortlessness and efficiency with more modern structure and technical capabilities. Straight out of the gate, the work was received with enthusiasm and has recently been featured in Lürzer’s Archive and Campaign Asia.

Jude Kishore

As chief financial officer of Ad2pro Media Group, Jude Kishore oversees the company’s global financial planning, accounting, analysis, product and services pricing, tax and treasury.

Jude joined Ad2pro in 2019 with a strong corporate finance background of 26 years from a cross section of industries that include software, service, manufacturing and banking. His accomplishments from his past will strengthen the leadership bandwidth in Ad2pro to achieve and sustain profitable growth.

In the last position at IBS Software where he served for 14 years as Head of Corporate Planning & Development, he was responsible for developing, communicating, executing and sustaining the company’s strategic plan, including pursuits of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), strategic investment and continued global expansion to meet the twin objectives of predictability and sustainability of profitable growth. He successfully raised capital for IBS from top-tier PE growth investors, played key roles in large client acquisition, drive commercial excellence and lead four strategic acquisitions to help IBS fast track revenue growth and market share.

Prior to IBS, he held leadership positions in finance at Sociéte Genéralé, Hexaware Technologies, Ford and Dunlop.

Jude earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Madras and is a qualified Chartered Accountant and Cost and Management Accountant.

Ajit George Abraham

Ajit is a Human Resources Professional with over 30 years of rich and varied experience. Ajit has extensive HR strategic and operational experience in a range of challenging environments, from well-established companies such as the Murugappa Group, Mobil Oil Corporation, Birlasoft and Royal Enfield to start-ups like Mahindra Holidays & Resorts, Sify Ltd, where he has held Senior HR positions.

Todd Brownrout

Todd has had a successful career in the media and advertising space during which he led large advertising organizations, merger and acquisition activity, marketing and other functions at two of the largest newspapers in the US. His vision while founding 2AdPro was to help the media industry revitalize itself through innovation and delivery of advertising products and services.

Gopal Krishnan

Gopal is a media industry veteran, visionary and serial entrepreneur. He founded 2AdPro in 2006 with a vision to build a world leading multi-media advertising service company.

He is also the founder of Ninestars, a leading content digitization and transformation company.

Nikhil Iyer

A seasoned executive who focuses on the “how to”; Nikhil brings depth and strength to our delivery model with his expertise in strategic consulting, setting and leading operations, customer engagement, and account management for start-ups and growth organizations.

Having started his professional career with GE, he has worked with RR Donnelley, Partypoker and ran his own offshore creative production unit, prior to his current role.

A stickler for the finer details, his strengths lie in process engineering and workflow optimization. His management skills, meticulousness and constant strive for excellence, enables efficacy in delivery, consistently. 

He still lives his passion to cook, over the weekend’s tag teaming with his 6-year-old.  His other interests lie in motorcycles, cricket, combat, adventure, and water sports.”

Madras Brand Solutions Bangalore flies high with Superfan to keep South India cool + save money

South India is known for being warm and humid throughout the year. Ceiling fans in almost every home run 24/7, 365 days a year thanks to the temperature.

This also means that they consume a considerable amount of electricity. Superfan wanted consumers to realize that there is no need to compromise on comfort by saving on electricity.

With its line of energy-efficient fans, consumers could save up to 500 rupees or more on their electricity bill compared to any other fan.

On the other hand, owning an energy-efficient product means you’re also doing your bit to save the planet. It’s a win-win, for both the consumer and the environment.

The concept is inspired by nature. Birds, dragonflies, and butterflies are anatomically structured in a way that they can fly without much effort throughout their life-span.

Flight is at the core of their survival. Similarly, Superfan as a brand wields a range of products that echo effortlessness and efficiency.

With a far more modern structure and technical capabilities, they fly all day and night, throughout the year keeping the people of South India comfortable in their homes. This, while also saving energy and electricity. They are ‘shaped to fly’.

Credits –

President: Vikram Menon

Senior Vice President: Sriram Sunder

Creative Directors: Ajit Devadason / Sendil Kumar

Art Directors: Vinay Saya / Ajit Devadason

Copywriters: Sendil Kumar / Ajay S Kurpad

Illustrator: Vinay Saya

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Justin Lopez

Justin has over 17 years of experience in client services. His key focus is leading multiple delivery teams to achieve world-class standards in terms of quality, on-time delivery and optimum cost-benefit using technology as a key driver.

Justin works with a team of over 250 people and oversees the end-to-end operations for multiple global clients like Polaris, Thales, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Lenovo, Myntra and a host of media clients across three continents.

An avid football enthusiast, Justin likes to travel across Europe and South America catching his favourite clubs in action.